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Title: In the public series
Beta: harangkaori
Pairing: YunJae, JaeHo, slight YooSu
Universe: DBSK
Genre: Comedy, Erotica, Romance
Length: 01/30
Rating: overall NC-17
Warning: exhibitionism, fluff, smut, voyeurism
Idea: By me & readers

A/N: So, this series was ghosting inside of my mind for a longer time now and I'm happy that I received a lot of tempting ideas from my lovely readers, too. ^^

Summary: When we, their fans, can't resist them, then how can they resist each other? (sentence by sidmaron)
Find out how hard it is for YunJae to keep their hands off of each other, how hard it is for them to be horny and in public.

[01 In the public]

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