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[part 1]

The aura inside Timber Castle was tense. The servants hurried through the hallways as if their queen's hollering voice was not heard from the crown towards the deepest roots. They were used to it by now, and no one dared to show sympathy with the young heir. JaeJoong was rooted to the mattress of his bed, eyes downcast, and time and again shifting towards his foster mother eyeing him worriedly from behind the queen. The royal fairy paced through JaeJoong's quarters with a deep furrow marring her features whilst a lecture was pearling from her delicate lips.
“Your behaviour is most outrageous! Why can't you put a bit more effort into this like me and your father? You are putting me to shame!” she complained with a high-pitched note in her voice. Her eyes were piercing through JaeJoong, who barely paid attention to her. “You're really a dishonour, JaeJoong. Why are you not grateful for this path we have laid out for you? Everyone would envy you!” the queen further remarked with a desperate notch. She really didn't understand why JaeJoong was so against the fortune of his extraordinary life.
The auburn haired lifted his head upon these words, eyes locking with the queen's pair. “If I were able to change my path, I gladly would. I never wished to take the path you've laid out for me. You were the one who wanted this, and it was solely you who invited those fairies without my consent. I do not see the need to pay attention to them when all I want is to be left alone,” JaeJoong countered and left the queen speechless. The silence did not last for long, though, when a slap resounded with the queen's hand flying across JaeJoong's cheek.
“You ungrateful brat,” the queen spat with fury glistening in her eyes. “I took care of you when your parents asked for help with their last remaining breath and shielded you from any harm, and this is how you repay me?” she remarked and didn't give JaeJoong the chance to respond when she turned on her heels and gave her attention to HaMi. “He will not leave the castle's grounds, and you are to follow him wherever he goes. You will report me everything at any given time, is that understood?”
HaMi eyed her charge shortly with sympathetic eyes before she bowed deeply before her mistress. “Yes, Your Highness.” With that, the queen left JaeJoong's quarters and ordered a guard to take up his station in front of the door for that the auburn haired could not escape in any way. Meanwhile, HaMi had settled down next to JaeJoong on the mattress and tried to soothe the misery the young fairy caught himself in. Reluctantly, the auburn haired showed his reddened cheek to his foster mother who gently thumbed the heated flesh. JaeJoong winced softly. It had been a rather harsh slap this time and surely would still be visible the next day.
“I told you so often that you must not go against her will,” the older fairy mumbled when she applied a tincture onto the hurt cheek.
“If I do not say anything now, then I will regret it for my entire life,” JaeJoong muttered whilst fumbling with the leaves of his duvet.
“JaeJoong-ah,” HaMi breathed with latched sympathy. She embraced the younger lovingly with JaeJoong's head nestled into the crook of her neck. Her hands were drawing soothing circles on his back. “Is there really not a chance that one of them might be to your liking?” the older female asked carefully. It resulted in a snort from JaeJoong when the latter turned away from her comforting embrace.
“Absolutely impossible,” the auburn haired remarked and rose from his bed. “They do not have any interests. Not a single one of them has real character, and I cannot have a decent conversation with them, either,” he announced whilst pacing towards his window. His gaze lingered on the birds and butterflies dancing through the sky before he turned to his foster mother once more. “They are nothing but a bore and utterly disrespectful! How can she even expect me to choose someone who has not a single interest and laughs over my own?” He hurried over to the older fairy and knelt down in front of her feet. His desperate eyes were searching for hers when he got hold of her slightly wrinkled palms. “I cannot stay with them, Nana. I am an elemental and would wither away when I cannot be with my soulmate,” he muttered and lay his head into the hands of HaMi. The older fairy sighed and leaned a bit down to plant a soft kiss onto the top of JaeJoong's head. It was then when she got curious about something her charge had said.
“Say, JaeJoong-ah,” she muttered, the auburn haired humming in response. “You said you were sure that none of your 43, now remaining 38 wooers, fitted the role of your soulmate,” she said and was interrupted by JaeJoong who raised his head. “What is it that you want to say?”
She gnawed nervously on her bottom lip before she continued, “Do you know who your soulmate is?” Her eyes widened in surprise when a deep red coloured JaeJoong's cheeks. He retracted his hands from her grip when he turned his head away. The blush even wandered to the spiky tips of his ears.
“N-no! I do not know who he is,” JaeJoong stuttered and prayed to Primoris that his foster mother would not see through him.
He?” HaMi repeated and smirked at the auburn haired when he whipped his head back at her. His dark-brown eyes were widened and a hand clasped over his lips. JaeJoong's blush deepened even more when he buried his face in his hands. HaMi patted the top of his head affectionately when she muttered, “You know that you cannot hide anything from me, JaeJoong-ah.”
“Why do you know me so well, Nana?” JaeJoong breathed in defeat when he rose from his kneeling position and climbed back onto his mattress.
“I'm your foster mother; that's why,” was HaMi's simple response. It brought a soft smile to JaeJoong's lips and was followed by an amused laugh.
“How could I forget that,” JaeJoong responded when he snuggled into the warmth of his foster mother and rested his head on her lap. Gently, HaMi's fingers were streaking through the auburn locks of JaeJoong's hair. They stayed like this in a comfortable silence until HaMi's curiosity got the better of her.
“Do I know him?” she asked softly. JaeJoong stiffened a little at her question, but she did not press him. Instead, she streaked further through his hair until his shoulders relaxed once more.
“No,” was JaeJoong's breathy response after a while. Silence befell them once more, and only the chirping of birds was reaching their ears from outside JaeJoong's quarters.
“Do you want to tell me about him?” HaMi asked further. She stopped her streaking of JaeJoong's hair when the latter got hold of her palm.
“I cannot,” he whispered. He rose from his lying position shortly after and looked at HaMi. Gently, he palmed her cheek, “I love you, Nana, but I cannot tell you.” An understanding smile scurried over HaMi's lips.
“That's okay,” she said and ruffled through JaeJoong's auburn locks. “We better think of a way for you to sneak out to meet him then,” she announced with a wink and earned, after a worried expression, a wide smile that was followed by a tight hug and a chant of thanks.

It lasted another few days filled with agonizing meetings for JaeJoong with his wooers and little by little he drew them away just by simply being himself. The queen, time and again, lectured him that he had to properly respect his wooers, but even HaMi had to admit that JaeJoong was doing his best to get close to his wooers. It was just that they were that boring that even HaMi found it hard to build a basis with any of them. Of course, the queen would not have it that way, and solely blamed JaeJoong when once again a wooer declined to still offer themselves to the chosen one. It was only 35 fairies left that put up with JaeJoong's extraordinary character, but it was still the beginning of the mating festivities that by the end of the six months, the queen could be thankful if even one was still left.
Like so often, one of JaeJoong's wooers joined him for a walk through the garden in the late afternoon. Of course HaMi was always within vision. JaeJoong was, after all, still not permitted to walk around alone. That HaMi was loyal to the auburn-haired fairy and only played along with the queen, did the royal fairy have no clue of. JaeJoong time and again tried to start a conversation with his companion, but the tall, dark-haired fairy yet again evaporated his attempts with simple words that spoke of disinterest.
Settling down onto the edge of the fountain, JaeJoong tried his luck once more. “If I may ask, JaeKyung, have you ever been to the human world?”
JaeJoong blinked in confusion when the male called JaeKyung shot him a disgusted glare. “What an outrageous thing to ask! The idea itself is most disturbing!” the taller spat and frowned.
“And why would that be?” JaeJoong asked calmly, yet his voice was firm, and his eyes spoke of disagreement when he rose from the fountain.
JaeKyung eyed his shorter counterpart with distress. That he even had to hold such a conversation was nonsensical to begin with. “Those creatures you call humans are a disgusting species. They are primitive and nothing but barbarians. No wonder vampires find their company to be a nice thing,” the dark haired remarked, his nose wrinkling at the topic. HaMi followed the display close by. She knew by now why JaeJoong found it so hard to get close to his wooers. And this incident was one of the few things that let JaeJoong easily lose his temper. And who was she to hold him back from lashing out?
“You spineless worm of a fairy,” JaeJoong spat with darkened eyes. The taller one was about to respond when a cold whist of air flew past his face. An icy breeze was fanning through the garden, accompanying JaeJoong's words. Of course JaeKyung did not know that the breeze belonged to JaeJoong's temper. “I've had it with those brainless responses you and your fellow wooers throw around as if they were the only truth. You have no sort of interest and want me to converse with you? You do not know anything! If you, just once, had taken a book into your hands you would know that humans are not even that different from us! They bleed, they cry, they talk, they walk, and they breathe,” JaeJoong rambled in his fury. His voice was dark and furious and with the whist of air he time and again shoved into the other's face, the latter stumbled backwards. “If you dare appear before my eyes again, I swear to Primoris, that it would be the last thing you would do,” he snarled darkly. JaeKyung's knees were shaking and tears of fright left his eyes. He whimpered softly when he fled from Timber Castle without another word.
The icy breeze was still fanning through the garden when HaMi eased towards JaeJoong. Gently, she pulled her arms around the auburn-haired fairy, soothing his temper with calming words until the breeze was gone and was replaced by the mild summery air that constantly lingered around Timber Castle. JaeJoong leaned back into the familiar embrace of his foster mother. At times like these, he was thankful that he trusted HaMi to an extent that allowed her constant corporal contact. Another reason why he currently tried his best to avoid the queen's touch. His trust in the royal fairy was faltering, and he had a hard time trying to focus his mind on still allowing the queen corporal contact. But even that was limited.
“Are you all right?” HaMi whispered when she cupped JaeJoong's face and locked her eyes with his. There lay a sadness and longing in JaeJoong's orbs that let the older fairy tongue-tied.
“Nana, I can't,” JaeJoong breathed, fingers tightening their hold in HaMi's dress. “Please, I have to get out of here.” His plea was soft and not able to be heard by anyone but HaMi. The older fairy thought for a moment before she dragged the auburn haired into his quarters. Puzzled, JaeJoong followed her towards his room, past the guard patrolling his door, and followed her further into her quarters connected to his once the door was closed behind them.
“You can use my secret window to escape,” the older fairy announced softly when she revealed the knothole that had been hidden behind one of her many shelves and was wide enough for him to escape through. Until this day, JaeJoong had been sure that HaMi didn't have a window and that his small one was the only one in the connected chambers.
“Nana,” he breathed, a single tear escaping his eye at the risk his foster mother was going to take for his sake.
“Hush now, you need to hurry,” HaMi remarked and ushered JaeJoong onto the windowsill. The breeze fanning by brushed against JaeJoong and let his torso become translucent. He looked at HaMi once more to ask if it were really okay, but the older fairy beat him to it.
“You have four hours. This is the maximum I can give to avoid Her Majesty getting suspicious,” she reminded JaeJoong and shoved him into the breeze without another word. With a mouthed 'thank you,' the auburn haired vanished into thin air and fanned through the forest towards the shack and the vampire he so desperately wanted to see again.


It was close to sunset when YunHo manoeuvred through Forbidden Forest towards his shack like he did so often whenever he could. During the last few days, it had been a rare occasion, though as for the sake of his friend JunSu, whom he really didn't want to cause more trouble, he dutifully appeared at their vampire gatherings. Much to the surprise of everyone surrounding him, which was why they time and again shooed him away because, sure enough, YunHo was still not allowed to enter the human world for feasting. YunHo didn't really mind, though.
Once reaching his wooden quarters, the brown haired prepared himself a cup of tea. It wasn't really necessary for YunHo to ingest anything else but blood, but he did enjoy the flavour of the nourishments that had accompanied his entire life as a human. Whilst letting his water boil, YunHo checked out his water stock right beneath his sink.
“Seems like I have to refill,” he mumbled with a sigh and rose from his kneeling position. After getting hold of a bucket, he made his way towards his door. A fresh breeze fanned softly across his cheeks, the subtle scent of grass and lemon lingering around him when he opened the wooden barrier. He lost hold on the bucket that landed with a dull clank on the ground when his eyes settled onto auburn hair and dark-brown eyes. He blinked in surprise, mouth agape when the beauteous elemental stood, indeed, in front of him. It had almost been a week since he last had seen him. The other's hand was raised as if he had just been up to knock right then when YunHo had opened the door.
The auburn haired gnawed nervously on his bottom lip when he slowly drooped his hand and took a step back. “I .... Sorry, I shouldn't have come here,” he stuttered and turned to leave whilst mumbling to himself, “I'm so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid!”
Once YunHo woke from his stupor, he called the first thing that came to his mind to stop the auburn-haired fairy, “Wait, JaeJoong!”
Upon hearing his name, JaeJoong turned around with widened eyes and stepped carefully closer to YunHo. “How .... how do you know of my name?” he asked softly, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
A bashful smile played over YunHo's lips, his hand rubbing nervously over the nape of his neck when he replied, “Back then, it was your foster mother, I believe, who called you that.” When he lifted his eyes to look at the fairy who had come closer again, he could make out a soft blush colouring his ivory cheeks.
“Oh,” JaeJoong breathed and played nervously with the tip of an auburn streak near his earlobe. Silence befell the two in the darkened forest, neither of them daring to say what lay on the tips of their tongues. It was when JaeJoong lifted his eyes that he caught the handsome smile gracing the vampire's lips.
YunHo opened the door of his shack wide. “Would you like to come in?” JaeJoong contemplated whether to accept the other's offer or not, but his feet beat him to it. On their own accord, they led him towards the opened door and the brown-haired vampire.
“If it does not bother you,” JaeJoong muttered, halting in front of YunHo. He was a head shorter than the other male and had to look a bit up to him, his eyes grazing over short brown hair and a small but handsome face. JaeJoong was most intrigued with the golden iris of YunHo's eyes that he didn't really register anything else but them.
“Certainly not, JaeJoong,” YunHo breathed with a charming smile. He really liked how the name of the auburn haired rolled from his tongue. He was delighted in the blush he could make out creeping into the beauty's face. Without another word, the shorter male entered his shack. Forgotten was YunHo's intention to refill his water stock when he closed the door and paid attention to his extraordinary guest. “Please, take a seat,” YunHo offered, which for he earned a soft “Thanks” in reply. JaeJoong decided on a wooden chair at the table and sat down facing the kitchenette across from him.
It was when YunHo took care of his boiling water that he suddenly turned towards JaeJoong. “Oh, where are my manners. Would you like to have some tea?”
The auburn haired blinked in confusion. “Tea?” he asked, curious what kind of beverage it might be. There certainly was nothing of that kind in Timber Castle he knew of.
“Of course, how could I forget. You do not have this kind of beverage in here,” YunHo responded and got hold of two cups from his cupboard. “It is a hot beverage consisting of boiled water and a plant called tea and several herbals or fruits. You only find it in the human world,” he explained and poured himself a mint tea.
JaeJoong's eyes sparkled when he listened to YunHo's words. “You truly have been a human,” he muttered and couldn't stop the excitement resounding in his words.
YunHo turned around. “I still am very much,” he responded and crossed his arms over his chest. “Would you like me to pour a tea for you?”
“I would be delighted,” JaeJoong said and smiled genuinely at the taller one. YunHo responded with a smile himself before he poured him a mint tea as well.
“Please be careful. The tea is still hot, JaeJoong,” YunHo remarked when he placed a mug in front of JaeJoong. The auburn haired blinked, eyes following YunHo when he sat down onto the chair across from him. He bit his bottom lip when a sly smile scurried over the plush pair.
“Is it common for humans to not introduce themselves?” JaeJoong asked boldly, yet amused. It certainly flustered the brown-haired vampire. YunHo grinned at JaeJoong not long after.
“My apologies, prince of Timber Castle,” the brown haired mocked slightly and earned himself a bashful smile. “My mother has named me YunHo and I am pleased to meet you, JaeJoong.”
“The pleasure is all mine, YunHo,” JaeJoong responded and took a deep breath at the pleasant burn tingling through his wings. He cocked his head in wonder when YunHo stretched out his hand.
“Oh, this is a human habit, I suppose. When meeting someone, we shake hands,” YunHo explained upon registering the other's confusion. The latter seemed to understand, yet JaeJoong did not make an attempt to grab YunHo's palm. Dejected, he drew his hand back again.
JaeJoong registered the hurt expression crossing YunHo's features, and whilst examining the cup of tea standing in front of him, he exclaimed, “I'd love to perform this human habit, but I am an elemental and you cannot touch me.” He bit his bottom lip nervously after because, sure enough, it was a lie and yet it wasn't entirely.
“Oh, why is that if I may ask?” YunHo asked, eyeing JaeJoong curiously. He knew that elementals, indeed, were hard to grasp, and he had always wondered why.
JaeJoong tore his eyes from the steaming brown coloured beverage. “I believe you know that elementals are...” he began to explain but got interrupted by YunHo, “Spirits of Air.” JaeJoong smiled softly in response.
“We are able to have constant corporal contact with objects and plants, though it is difficult for living creatures. Normally, we,” he continued but halted for a moment. “Normally, I can touch animals without problem, though it depends on my mood. It is very different, though, with fairies, humans, and vampires. They need to have my utter trust before corporal contact is possible unless,” JaeJoong remarked and shifted his eyes back towards his cup, “unless I meet my soulmate.” That it was YunHo, he would rather keep to himself for now.
“Why did you shift from plural to singular?” YunHo asked, but he regretted his question when JaeJoong looked at him with sorrowful eyes.
“I am the last living elemental, the only child of my father who had been the last upper-class elemental, and my mother, the last fairy with elemental ancestors,” JaeJoong said and traced the rim of his cup gently with his finger. “They died protecting me when I was still a newborn.” Silence befell YunHo's hut after JaeJoong's whispered words had resounded. Awkwardly, YunHo sipped on his tea, not sure how to respond to what his counterpart had told him. Should he say a word of condolence? A word of solace? Everything coming to his mind appeared too dull to be voiced out. Instead, he watched as JaeJoong took his first experimental sip on the mint tea before his eyes.
A fresh herbal scent filled JaeJoong's nostrils when he led the cup towards his lips. Warmth flooded his tongue together with an herbal flavour that was new to him. It wasn't sweet, nor bitter, and different from anything else JaeJoong had ever drunk. “That's good,” he muttered to overcome the awkward silence that had come over him and YunHo.
YunHo cleared his throat slightly before a soft smile stretched over his lips, “I'm glad you like it.” The following hours were spent with a conversation about the general habitats of humans as well as about elementals. In the end, JaeJoong came to the conclusion that if you looked closer, then, out of all fairies, elementals were not that much different in their character from humans. The night had long darkened the forest and left an eerie silence behind.
“Which hour is it?” JaeJoong asked when he, by coincidence, looked out of the window above YunHo's bed. They had moved towards the wide mattress when YunHo had showed him a book about the human customs.
“I believe it must be close to eleven,” YunHo muttered, checking on a clock that stood on a nightstand. He actually was glad that time was the same in Sadame as it was on Earth.
Hurriedly, JaeJoong sprung to his feet. “This late! I must return before the clock strikes eleven!” he remarked in a panic and looked with wide eyes at YunHo. The latter rose from his mattress as well.
“You better hurry, then, I suppose. There are only about ten minutes left,” the brown haired responded, and as much as he wanted for the other to stay, he shooed JaeJoong towards the door.
“Promise me you will come to the garden again,” JaeJoong muttered when YunHo opened the door, a hue of red crossing his cheeks when he stared up into the other's golden-coloured eyes.
“If you promise to stop by here,” YunHo retorted with a smirk and earned himself a bashful smile stretched over plush lips. When they bid each other goodbye, JaeJoong registered too late that, if he had taken one step more, he wouldn't have tripped over YunHo's foot. But then again, HaMi had always told him that he was a little clumsy. Before JaeJoong could fall to the ground though, YunHo gripped his form by reflex. He thought that he would just grasp through JaeJoong, but the auburn haired was solid beneath his palms. Hurriedly, JaeJoong scurried out of YunHo's grasp, the brown haired staring wide-eyed at the elemental. Without another word and within the split of a second, JaeJoong fled with the first breeze coming his way and floated back towards Timber Castle.
YunHo was left behind with his thoughts. He wondered why JaeJoong did not turn translucent upon his touch. Thinking back to what the auburn haired had told him earlier that evening, there were only two possibilities that would explain the incident. Which it was though, was yet for him to find out.


Nervously, HaMi paced from one corner of her chamber towards the other, her eyes always trained on the secret window she had helped JaeJoong to sneak out with. Her eyebrows were furrowed in worry, and a heavy sigh time and again pearled from her lips.
“What is taking him so long? He is past the four hours,” she muttered to herself, hoping for the sake of Primoris that her charge would soon return. “The queen could check on him any minute now!” HaMi declared in panic and was shortly after met with a familiar whist of air. Carefully, JaeJoong climbed from the windowsill into HaMi's quarters, his breath unstable and eyebrows furrowed.
“Forgive me for being late, Nana,” JaeJoong rambled in a rush, and HaMi noted quite vividly the hue of red colouring JaeJoong's cheeks.
“Let's not worry about that now, but you better hurry and change for bed whilst I take care of the window,” the older female instructed and ushered the younger fairy towards his quarters connected with hers with an open door frame. “What held you up though? Was he that interesting?” HaMi inquired, a soft chuckle rumbling in her throat when she hid her window behind her shelf consisting of garments.
Despite the embarrassment, a pleased smile stretched over JaeJoong's lips when he put on his sleeping garments. “The conversations with him are indeed very pleasant,” he muttered whilst fluffing up his moss-like pillow. HaMi watched him with a warm smile, arms crossed over her bouffant chest without the younger's notice.
“I'm worried, though, what he might think about us being soulmates,” JaeJoong mumbled when he slipped under his leafy covers.
“Why is that?” HaMi asked when she came over to him. A gloomy expression befell JaeJoong's features when she sat down beside him on the edge of the bed.
“I .... he caught me when I tripped over my feet, but before, I told him that he wouldn't be able to touch me,” JaeJoong breathed. He cuddled himself into HaMi's figure for some comfort.
“Is that really all you're worried about?” HaMi muttered whilst streaking through JaeJoong's auburn hair. The younger looked up with a slight frown. “If he is anything near from the feeling you give me about him, then I am sure it will not be that much of a problem,” she assured JaeJoong with a warm smile. JaeJoong returned her smile with a small one himself. “Now, go to sleep. I am sure the queen wishes to check up on you any minute,” HaMi further advised and kissed her charge goodnight on his forehead.
Snuggling into his pillow, JaeJoong closed his eyes with a soft sigh. A small smile stretched over his plush lips when he thought back to the hours he was able to spend with YunHo. In his exhaustion, he didn't register that he sighed his words loud enough for his foster mother to catch them, “You're so charming, YunHo-yah.”
An amused grin played over HaMi's chapped lips upon hearing JaeJoong's sleepy mumbling. He had always been a fast and deep sleeper when he was tired enough. And quite talkative as well. “So YunHo it is,” she mumbled to herself quietly whilst eyeing JaeJoong in his bed. “What a charming name, indeed,” left her lips softly before the door towards JaeJoong's quarters was opened. As predicted, the queen herself entered, and to her pleasure, JaeJoong was tucked into his bed and did not vanish from the castle as she had demanded. And like so often these days, she inquired HaMi about the happenings. There wasn't much to report, if you left out the wooer who had left earlier today, but she merely described it as 'an unimportant argument.' The queen indeed seemed to be pleased, and with a curt “Goodnight,” she left again. Soon after, HaMi slipped into her own bed.

The following morning, a chipper humming resounded through JaeJoong's quarters when he dressed himself after his morning bathing routine.
“You sure are in a happy mood today,” HaMi chimed in, startling the auburn haired who pulled a shirt over his torso.
“Nana! You could at least knock before entering!” JaeJoong complained with a soft frown. Lately, he had insisted on her to knock during his morning bathing routine. He was officially an adult after all! HaMi just chuckled in amusement and closed the door behind her when she entered fully. Nostalgia overcame her when she eyed JaeJoong's back. She remembered how small the auburn haired used to be as a child, how lively and thirsty for knowledge, and now here he stood in front of her, more than a head taller than herself, the lean figure grazed with defined muscles, and his soft facial features had sharpened over the passing years. Even JaeJoong's wings had gained in beauty and colour. A knowing smile graced HaMi's lips when she noticed the soft purplish squiggle beneath the 'J' that had always been there.
“I take it that you will meet YunHo today as well,” HaMi remarked and found herself soon staring into widened, dark-brown eyes and a face flushed with embarrassment.
“H-How did you know! His name. I never,” JaeJoong spluttered in a hushed voice.
HaMi gently palmed his cheek to soothe the approaching panic. An amused smile lay on her lips when she explained, “You're too talkative when you sleep.”
Embarrassed, JaeJoong gnawed on his bottom lip when realization dawned on him. He really needed to get a hold of this habit. HaMi mocked her charge just a little bit more until it was time for him to meet once more with his wooers. The only thing that made it worthwhile was the hope for meeting YunHo.
Like so often, JaeJoong's wooers were rather disinterested to converse with him, and more than once, he had to be careful that none of the sneaky hands making a move to touch him were actually able to. Sometimes, it was HaMi who saved the situation when one just wouldn't budge from taking their hands off of her charge. The queen was to witness nothing of it. She was busy keeping the remaining promising wooers interested in her quite difficult adopted son.
JaeJoong, on the other hand, was, despite his wooers being as distressing as always, in quite a chipper mood. A small smile lay on his plush lips over the passing hours, a hum time and again resounding in his throat whilst he indulged into light conversations with the wooers who actually cared to talk. That his mind was constantly filled with YunHo and his golden eyes and smooth voice, did no one notice. The queen was quite pleased with JaeJoong that day, and once the wooers bid their goodbye for the day when the time of sunset came closer, she allowed JaeJoong to stay in the garden. That was, under the watchful eyes of HaMi, of course.
The sun was slowly slipping behind the horizon, a layer of darkness enveloping Timber Forest when a pleasant tingle was wrecking through JaeJoong's wings. He momentarily forgot about his conversation with HaMi when a wide smile stretched over his lips.
“JaeJoong-ah, did you hear me?” HaMi asked when she noticed her charge being most distracted. She waved a hand before his eyes until the younger slipped back into reality.
“What is it that you said, Nana?” JaeJoong babbled, his nerves strained with excitement. YunHo was here. He could feel it with every layer of his wings. He shortly had to close his eyes, the smile on his lips widening when a pleasant burn pulsed through the squiggles of the 'Y' gracing his wings right below his 'J.'
“You seem to be excited about something,” HaMi remarked with a knowing smile and a raised eyebrow.
JaeJoong bit slightly onto his bottom lip, his hand rubbing bashfully over the nape of his neck. “Really? I don't know what you want to say.”
“Oh well, I think I heard someone calling for me,” HaMi responded and winked at the auburn haired before she made her way inside. Slowly, JaeJoong made his way over to the fountain, his eyes scanning around the area to make sure that he was truly alone.
“Will you just stand there and watch me, YunHo?” he remarked with a soft smile whilst gliding his palm through the water of the fountain. A rustling from the bushes was soon heard, followed by cautious footsteps on the verdant grass.
“How did you know I was here?” YunHo asked in astonishment when he stepped closer towards the gracile fairy. His ears were always attentive for the sound of danger in form of unwanted guards and guests. JaeJoong rose from the fountain and turned to face YunHo. There lay merely an inch between him and the vampire.
“You may call it an elemental thing,” he responded, his voice hushed, for no one but YunHo was supposed to hear his words. “I thought you wouldn't come,” he whispered, his eyes drawn to the ground when YunHo came just a bit closer.
He felt a finger against his chin, gently lifting it until his eyes stared into dark pools of gold. “You mean because of this?” YunHo breathed, his voice low and firm. JaeJoong nodded curtly, his heart beating in synch with the pleasant burn running through his wings at the soft touch. “I admit I was contemplating, but I am far too intrigued to not come visit you,” he muttered, a smile stretching over his lips that revealed his teeth.
“How charming of you,” JaeJoong replied with a matching smile.
“My pleasure,” YunHo responded with a light chuckle and drew his hand back from JaeJoong to bow in front of him. JaeJoong chuckled in response. “May I ask something?” he questioned when he rose and was once more at eye level with the shorter male.
“I suppose you want to know why you are able to touch me,” JaeJoong said and bit nervously on his lip. YunHo affirmed his assumption with a curt nod. Sighing, JaeJoong turned and slowly walked over to the stairs. YunHo followed him cautiously. Once JaeJoong reached a dead corner between the stairs and Timber Castle's bark, he stopped and palmed the thick wooden surface. He took a deep breath, bracing himself for his following words. “You are my soulmate.”
JaeJoong's hushed statement lingered in the air; YunHo's lips parted when he registered the words. His eyes lingered on the lean back of JaeJoong, grazing over the azure wings that were glitttering with light purple. Just then, he noticed the second letter gracing the delicate wings consisting of the initial letter of his own name. He inwardly stepped closer, invading JaeJoong's personal space until he stood right behind him.
“Soulmate,” he breathed, the words spoken into the nape of JaeJoong's neck sending a shiver through the lean figure.
“You are carved into my wings,” JaeJoong whispered, his voice trembling with the proximity. His wings were quivering lightly, spreading warmth through the connection with his shoulder blades. He inhaled sharply when YunHo's fingers were gently tracing over the fibres of his wings. Heat rose to his cheeks, spreading further to the tip of his ears when the slight touch sent flames throughout his body.
“As your soulmate,” YunHo rasped against JaeJoong's ear, inhaling deep the scent of the latter tingling his nose before he continued, “am I allowed to court you?” Upon those words JaeJoong turned around. A flush was gracing his features, his back pressed against the bark with his wings barely even touching it. JaeJoong's eyes were hooded when they stared into the golden-coloured ones of YunHo.
“As my soulmate, you are allowed to do anything,” he breathed. His eyes shifted to the bow-shaped lips in front of him. He noticed a little mole atop YunHo's upper lip and gently traced it with the tip of his finger. “I have belonged to you ever since I was born.” His eyes shifted back towards YunHo's. The brown haired leaned in closer, his right hand palming JaeJoong's cheek gently whilst his thumb traced slightly over the plush texture of JaeJoong's lips.
“Would it be too insolent if I kissed your lips?” he breathed and searched for JaeJoong's eyes. The auburn haired looked at him from under his eyelashes, his left hand gently encircling YunHo's wrist whilst his right palm lingered above YunHo's unbeating heart.
“Not in the slightest,” he barely whispered and reciprocated the smile YunHo gave him. The taller soon after leaned in closer, his lips brushing gently against the pair of JaeJoong. The warmth coursing through him and his wings intensified with the touch between their lips and his eyes fluttered shut with a soft sigh. Pressing his lips a bit harder against JaeJoong's, YunHo let his right hand wander into the latter's neck, where his fingers gently grazed along the skin. His left hand had settled against JaeJoong's waist whilst JaeJoong's hands were circling around YunHo's torso. Time and again, they unlocked their lips for JaeJoong to take a breath, but it never lasted long. Their lips merged into one always again.
A pleased mewl pearled from JaeJoong's lips when YunHo nibbled gently on his bottom one and traced it softly with his tongue to ask for entrance. With a sigh, JaeJoong gave in, finding his mouth soon invaded with YunHo's coy tongue. Foreign to the feeling of another tongue rubbing against his own, JaeJoong opened his eyes slightly. He caught a glimpse of YunHo's prominent cheekbone and a scar running from under his left eye a little into his cheek. Clutching onto the fabric of YunHo's shirt, he closed his eyes again, the kiss becoming too intense for him to concentrate on anything else. He felt saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth and found it hard to breathe. His face was flushed a deep crimson when YunHo drew back from his lips, his forehead resting against the bark whilst JaeJoong tried to catch his breath. Both of their lips were red and swollen, eyes glazed over when they looked at one another. YunHo's golden eyes had merged into a soft caramel-brown, and JaeJoong's darkened just a bit more into a light black.
YunHo dove down to peck JaeJoong's lips once more, both not registering that HaMi had come back to check on her charge. She was torn at the display in front of her. The decision for her was a difficult one, even though it should not be, because, for one, there was a vampire in the royal garden of Timber Castle, which was forbidden in more than one way, and two, said vampire was assaulting a fairy. What made it hard, though, was the fact that said fairy was her beloved charge, and that said vampire quite obviously seemed to be his soulmate. She sighed heavily as she registered that this was the reason why JaeJoong had not told her about YunHo when she first had asked. She also knew that it was futile to fight against the elemental bonds of soulmates, but she had to do anything to protect her charge from decay.
“I believe this is not a place for you to be here,” she found herself saying harshly, successfully interrupting the kissing pair. Panic seeped through JaeJoong, his eyes widened when he stared at YunHo. The latter looked thoroughly troubled. Swallowing the lump in his throat, JaeJoong stepped before YunHo and faced his foster mother.
“N-Nana, please,” he breathed, his voice trembling.
“Don't,” HaMi muttered, silencing JaeJoong with her raised palm. “You do register that what you're doing is punished by death, do you?” she said, a mixture of anger and worry seeping through her voice.
“I,” JaeJoong stuttered, his vision soon filled with YunHo's back, who had come over his stupor.
“It was my doing. He had nothing to do with it,” the brown haired announced and crouched deep before the elder fairy. He knew that he was in big trouble, but it did not matter if he had the chance to protect JaeJoong from the fate that would await him. “I know this is insolent of me, but I beg you, do not punish JaeJoong for something I have done,” he further said and found JaeJoong soon after at his side, hands clutching onto him.
“YunHo, don't,” the auburn haired whispered. A tear rolled down his cheek, “I just found you. You can't leave me alone.” The crack in JaeJoong's voice lay heavy on HaMi's heart. Intently, she watched the display in front of her. Never had she thought that a vampire would willingly give his life to safe the life of a fairy. Seeing the sadness befalling JaeJoong was unbearable for HaMi. She knew it was against any possible rule of Sadame, but she just couldn't bring it over herself to be the one breaking JaeJoong's heart.
“I advise you to leave,” she muttered, the two males looking at her in disbelief. Neither of them dared to move.
“Nana,” JaeJoong voiced out, his voice unsure when he slowly rose from the ground. The older fairy eyed her charge assuringly. “I just can't bear to see you in such agony if I were to take your soulmate away from you,” she breathed, finding herself soon in the arms of JaeJoong. YunHo rose cautiously. He still was unsure about the situation at hand.
“I must ask of you to leave though,” she addressed now YunHo, who agreed with her request by bowing deeply. “And of you, JaeJoong, I ask that you will not see him unless I deem it to be right,” she requested from her charge and palmed his cheek. It pained her heart when JaeJoong gave her a saddened look when he agreed, but the worry and distress about the situation were, right now, the only things she had the strength to handle.
YunHo bid them goodbye, once more apologizing for what had happened before he turned towards the forest. With a soft sigh, HaMi motioned for JaeJoong that he was allowed to bid YunHo a proper goodbye, which for she earned a quick peck onto her cheek before the auburn haired dashed after YunHo. Under HaMi's watchful eyes, JaeJoong said goodbye to his soulmate. Neither of them dared to share a kiss of departure. Mumbling a soft promise of them meeting again one day, YunHo got hold of JaeJoong's hand and leaned a bit down to plant a gentle kiss onto JaeJoong's knuckles. It left HaMi speechless. Never had she seen a vampire treating someone else as kindly and treasured as this YunHo was treating her beloved charge.
YunHo left soon after, JaeJoong staring after him with his kissed palm lingering over his thumping heart. He followed HaMi inside shortly after. There were a lot of questions he had to answer, and he hoped to Primoris that his foster mother would not report her revelations to the queen.

[part 3]


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