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YunJae | PG | comedy, romance; sprinkle of gore ^^;

It was dark. Of course it was dark. It was the night of Halloween after all.
"And it seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind," a youth sang, voice echoing softly through the night.
"Seriously, JaeJoong. Do you have to sing this song now? Here? We're on a freaking cemetery with nothing but a candle and you sing the song dedicated to a dead woman?!" the taller youth next to the one called JaeJoong screeched.
"I thought it would make it easier," JaeJoong responded. "Seems like I failed, the cemetery is still scary."
"Tell me again, why did I agree on this trial of courage?" YunHo asked his best friend whilst holding the halfway burnt down candle.
"Because you didn't want to let me go over it by myself?" JaeJoong responded, smiling at his best friend who made him feel a bit more secure. "I'm your weakness," he mumbled, shifting a bit closer to YunHo when the light of the candle got less.
When the candle came at its end, YunHo suddenly stopped in his tracks. Before JaeJoong could ask his friend of why he had stopped, YunHo turned towards him and cupped his cheek, "Yes, you most certainly are."

And when the candle lost its light, YunHo leaned in whilst JaeJoong was closing his eyes.


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