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As you probably have noticed, there's an Advent Calendar Challenge going on at jaeho_detox and I'll use this post to collect all the prompts and my written stories to them in here. :)♥

Dont forget to take me when you go ♬ )
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Just an overview post for ohjaeho's Prompt Challenge back in 2011.

Prompt 01 - Wedding Bells
Wedding bells
au | yunjae | romance | pg | 300 words
Summary: A beautiful melody that chimes through the air.

Prompt 02 - "Some things dont last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there"
band!verse | yunjae | romance | pg-13 | 448 words
Summary Some things just linger deep in your soul.

Prompt 03 - どれほどの速さで生きれば、君にまた会えるのか。- At what speed must I live .... to be able to see you again?
Without you
{character death}
au | yunjae | tragedy | pg-13 | 370 words
Summary: When you wish goodbye was not forever.


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