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Title: Wedding Dress
Plot: LeeBbeunee33 @ twitter
Beta: chocolick
Pairing: YunJae
Universe: DBSK
Genre: Comedy
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13
Warning: bits of angst, crack, cross-dressing, fluff
Disclaimer: Based on this photoshopped picture JaeJoong posted on his IG and deleted afterwards of him in a wedding dress and a conversation about it with LeeBbeunee33.

A/N: I used Tohoshinki's Wedding Dress because it was very fitting. Translation of the used lines will be at the end.

Summary: When something small turns into something serious once HeeChul has a finger in the pie. Or the entire hand.

“I was not on any drugs,” )
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Title: Deep in the Cave of a Toothless Wolf
Beta: sidmaron
Plot: hana_cho
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong
Universe: Alternative
Genre: Drama
Length: 01/...
Rating: PG-13
Warning: angst, cross-dressing, bits of fluff
Author's Note: Not based on any historical facts, it is purely fictional. I hope as well, that it is somewhere close to what you imagined, hana_cho. This will also be the introducing chapter to something longer and gives an outlook of the story.

Summary: Facing a new mission, General Jung YunHo found himself closer to his target than he imagined.

“Gentlemen, I believe this will be the hardest case we ever had to deal with.” )
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Title: Abashed awareness
Pairing: Jinnai/Reiichirou
Genre: Romance
Length: 773 words
Rating: PG-13
Warning: fluff
Disclaimer: Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru and its characters solely belong to Takanaga Hinako. I only used them for the purpose of this fiction.

A/N: Not beta-read so I apologize for any mistakes.

Summary: Wherein Jinnai wonders if Reiichirou is truly aware of them being a couple.

Today was again one of those days where he wondered if Reiichirou was even aware of them being a couple. )
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Day 7: Write a scene in six sentences in which a character is searching for someone in the last moments of the end of the world.

Seishirou ♥ Subaru

Sad, but beautiful )
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Day 28 - You read about yourself in your brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend’s diary. What did you read?

You came along like a snowflake and brightened up my day. )
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Day 11 - Free writing

* since the original prompt for day 11 was missing, I just wrote what came to my mind *

love can move you )

[1s] Hero

Apr. 7th, 2017 07:15 am
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Title: Hero
Beta: chocolick
Pairing: YunJae, mention of YooSu
Universe: DBSK
Genre: Comedy
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13
Warning: crack
Disclaimer: This was inspired by a picture aeons ago and sadly, now that my netbook is slowly dying, I wasn't able to look for said picture properly. Sorry for that. DBSK have solely been burrowed for this mess. Also, thanks to moonkissedx & museelo for some nice ideas. x3

A/N: Do not take this seriously. x'D

Summary: Let us take a closer look at DBSK's respective stage names.

Some make sense, some seem to be out of place. )
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YunJae | PG-13 | historical, romance

→ we just imagine them to wear traditional Japanese clothing since I find them more beautiful 8D

Swiftly a lad with shoulder-length black hair ushered over the wooden planks of a residence's hallway. Bowing slightly towards a guard in front of a sliding door, he stepped into the room he had been called to.
"Your Majesty, he has arrived," a female announced into the chamber which was lit softly by the light of candles and divided into two by a red folding-screen.
"You may leave," a low voice echoed from behind the screen, only the shadow of a man visible. Water was splashing slightly. With a bowed head the young woman retrieved from her king's bathing chamber.
"What is it that thou have called me for, my king?" the black haired questioned, settling to his knees in front of the red screen. Once more water was splashing, the shadow turning towards the direction the young man was sitting at.
"Step closer, JaeJoong. I wish to see thou," the king muttered with a low and teasing voice. Heat rose to the black haired's cheeks. "B-but my lord, thou are bathing."
"JaeJoong," the king cooed and JaeJoong had no other option but to comply to his king's wishes. Bashful he shuffled around the red folding-screen with his eyes lowered. A chuckle vibrated through the king's private bathing chamber. "Look at me, my love," the king muttered, JaeJoong shyly lifting his gaze. Brown pools were staring tenderly at him, the king extracting his hand for JaeJoong to take it.
"I wish to bath with thou, my dearest JaeJoong," he announced, breathing a soft kiss onto JaeJoong's hand.
"... my Lord," JaeJoong mumbled, cheeks coloured a deep crimson. The king smiled lovingly at the black haired, gently removing the belt of JaeJoong's kimono. The fabric fell open slightly, revealing soft skin. "YunHo," he breathed, heart racing.
"Join me, love," YunHo breathed with a tender smile.

From behind the red folding-screen were shadows visible, a fabric sliding to the ground before someone joined the king in his bathtub.
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YunJae | PG-13 | comedy; guest starring: YooChun, some naughty comments

With much strength YunHo pushed a big ball of snow over the whiteness covering the ground, the layer of snow reaching his lower legs. His nose was burried in his woollen scarf, hands covered with gloves.
"YunHo hwaiting~" two voices exclaimed, mocking laughter following after.
"Yeah, yeah," YunHo mumbled under his breath, putting the ball of snow onto another bigger one standing on the ground. "Why am I actually the one building the snowman? I thought it was your idea, JaeJoong-ie," he comlained, pouting behind his scarf at the smaller brown haired standing next to his best friend.
"But you're so good at it, and I couldn't possibly leave YooChun-ah all by himself," JaeJoong responded, chuckling slightly into his green woollen scarf.
"You better lend him a helping hand, otherwise you'll be freezing in bed tonight 'cause he's not making you sweat," YooChun mocked his best friend, nudging his side as far as he could reach it under JaeJoong's thick coat.
"Hey, what we do in our bed is none of your business," JaeJoong replied, poking YooChun's ribs with his elbow before he strolled over to YunHo to help with the last snow ball being the head of their snowman.
"Hey you," he muttered when he crouched down next to YunHo, the latter huffing before he turned his head away. JaeJoong chuckled and poked YunHo's puffed cheek. "Stop sulking," he mumbled and kissed the cheek not hidden behind the scarf. He could feel the muscles of YunHo's face turning into a foolish grin. He smiled as well.
Just a few minutes later stood a snowman in the yard of YunHo's and JaeJoong's little house, eyes and a mouth already existent. YooChun had helped decorating as well when he felt left out by his best friend and his boyfriend. JaeJoong put his woollen beanie onto the head of the snowman, shivering slightly when a fresh breeze fluttered over his uncovered hair.
"You'll catch a cold like that," YunHo mumbled when he draped his woollen scarf around the snowman's neck. He shivered himself.
"You're the one to talk," JaeJoong responded, pecking YunHo's cheek when they looked at their finished snowman.
"Something is missing!" YooChun suddenly exclaimed, holding said item behind his back.
"It is?" JaeJoong wondered, staring at the snowman. "Oh, we forgot the nose," he voiced out, wanting to go in to get a carrot nose for their snowman.
"Who cares for a nose," YooChun responded, a sly grin plastered on his lips when he put the carrot on the snowman. It was nowhere near the face of the snowman but somewhere way too south. "A snowman is not a man without a carrot-penis!" he exclaimed with mocking joy.
"Argh, Park YooChun!" JaeJoong voiced out, chasing after his best friend with soft crimson colouring his cheeks.

YunHo just laughed to himself.


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