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YunJae | PG-13 | historical, romance

→ we just imagine them to wear traditional Japanese clothing since I find them more beautiful 8D

Swiftly a lad with shoulder-length black hair ushered over the wooden planks of a residence's hallway. Bowing slightly towards a guard in front of a sliding door, he stepped into the room he had been called to.
"Your Majesty, he has arrived," a female announced into the chamber which was lit softly by the light of candles and divided into two by a red folding-screen.
"You may leave," a low voice echoed from behind the screen, only the shadow of a man visible. Water was splashing slightly. With a bowed head the young woman retrieved from her king's bathing chamber.
"What is it that thou have called me for, my king?" the black haired questioned, settling to his knees in front of the red screen. Once more water was splashing, the shadow turning towards the direction the young man was sitting at.
"Step closer, JaeJoong. I wish to see thou," the king muttered with a low and teasing voice. Heat rose to the black haired's cheeks. "B-but my lord, thou are bathing."
"JaeJoong," the king cooed and JaeJoong had no other option but to comply to his king's wishes. Bashful he shuffled around the red folding-screen with his eyes lowered. A chuckle vibrated through the king's private bathing chamber. "Look at me, my love," the king muttered, JaeJoong shyly lifting his gaze. Brown pools were staring tenderly at him, the king extracting his hand for JaeJoong to take it.
"I wish to bath with thou, my dearest JaeJoong," he announced, breathing a soft kiss onto JaeJoong's hand.
"... my Lord," JaeJoong mumbled, cheeks coloured a deep crimson. The king smiled lovingly at the black haired, gently removing the belt of JaeJoong's kimono. The fabric fell open slightly, revealing soft skin. "YunHo," he breathed, heart racing.
"Join me, love," YunHo breathed with a tender smile.

From behind the red folding-screen were shadows visible, a fabric sliding to the ground before someone joined the king in his bathtub.


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