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Chibi!YunJae | G | general

It was the eve of the 23rd of December, the Christmas holidays just one day away. The house of the Jung family was decorated lovingly and a big Christmas tree graced the living room. Mrs. Jung was busy with packing the presents for her sons whilst her husband had gone out to pick up his Father Christmas costume.
The youngest, being four years old, sat pouting in front of his parents' bedroom after his mother had ushered him out. He was waiting for his older brother to come back from the toilet.
He ran up to the eight-year-old once he came out, tugging on his arm when he looked at him with puppy eyes, "Hyung, mommy is mean."
"Why that, JaeJoong-ie?" the eight-year-old asked, padding together with his brother towards their bedroom. It was already sleeping time for them.
"Mommy didn't want to read fairy tale," JaeJoong pouted, lowering his saddened face. He held the book with fairy tales of Brothers' Grimm in his arm, pressing it against his little chest.
"Mommy's busy with helping Santa Claus," the older boy responded, JaeJoong lifting his head with shining eyes.
"Santy is coming?" he asked, very much excited.
"Yes, tomorrow. But you have to be a good boy or Santa won't give you presents," JaeJoong's brother voiced out, the four-year-old pouting. He stayed silent until the older boy had closed their bedroom door behind them and padded towards his bed across from JaeJoong's. JaeJoong followed him still on his heels.
"Yunnie-hyung?" JaeJoong mumbled softly, his brother YunHo humming, "Hm?"
"Am I a good boy?" the four-year-old asked with puppy eyes. YunHo smiled genuinely at his brother and patted the mop of JaeJoong's black hair.
"Of course you are," he said. He patted with his hand onto his mattress and with a wide smile JaeJoong jumped onto his bed. "I'll read you a fairy tale. Which one do you want to hear?" YunHo asked and cuddled himself next to his brother under the blanket.
"Star Talers," JaeJoong replied with sparkling eyes and cuddled himself closer to YunHo when he started to read his chosen fairy tale.
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Title: Meetings and Advices
Pairing: Will/Carice (friendship), Hannibal/Will (mention)
Universe: Book – Red Dragon & The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal (TV)
Genre: General (there really isn't something particular)
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13
Warning: bits of gore (nothing too graphic though)
Disclaimer: The story is set in between Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs written by Thomas Harris. A brief quote has been taken out of the latter for the end of this story. The summary as well is based on the latter book's summary. Also, a scene was based on what happened in the end of season 2 in Hannibal (TV). Possible spoilers ahead.

A/N: First ever Hannibal fanfic thanks to dawtie and both our need to have an interaction between Will and Clarice because we are certain they would make the best of friends. ♥ Also this is not proof-read so please point out mistakes if you find them. :'D

Summary: To catch a killer she'll have to enter the mind of another predator. And for that she'll have to seek knowledge from one who survived and helped catching him.

No one knew that after being gone for a year somewhere in Europe he was back in this fateful house. )


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