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Day 18 - Take a reader behind the wheel with the worst driver you’ve ever known.

Tooru/Masami (Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki) → drabble || comedy, g

To say that Tooru was scared would've been an understatement. He was thoroughly horrified. Masami sure drove with a foot made of steel and Tooru had a hard time to stay calm. It didn't help either that Masayoshi was following them in his own car together with Atsushi and Kouji. It more like added to Masami's foot to press down further on the gas pedal.
By the time the two were able to outdistance their chasers, Tooru had fainted at the new side he had come to get to know of his lover. And in the future he wanted to make sure that he would be the one driving them for the sake of his poor heart not stopping to beat when Masami handled the car.


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