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YunJae | PG | romance

"I love you," someone whispered, pecking another person's lips.
"I love you more," said person breathed back, stealing a proper kiss from the one they loved.
Soft giggles reached their ears from the doorway.
"JaeJoong and YunHo sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage then comes JaeJoong with a baby carriage," a group of children together with their respective mothers sing-sang all the while giggling at the kissing couple.
"Aish, this family," JaeJoong muttered whilst burying his nose in his lover's shoulder. The two males smiled to themselves.
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YunJae | PG-13 | historical, romance

→ we just imagine them to wear traditional Japanese clothing since I find them more beautiful 8D

Swiftly a lad with shoulder-length black hair ushered over the wooden planks of a residence's hallway. Bowing slightly towards a guard in front of a sliding door, he stepped into the room he had been called to.
"Your Majesty, he has arrived," a female announced into the chamber which was lit softly by the light of candles and divided into two by a red folding-screen.
"You may leave," a low voice echoed from behind the screen, only the shadow of a man visible. Water was splashing slightly. With a bowed head the young woman retrieved from her king's bathing chamber.
"What is it that thou have called me for, my king?" the black haired questioned, settling to his knees in front of the red screen. Once more water was splashing, the shadow turning towards the direction the young man was sitting at.
"Step closer, JaeJoong. I wish to see thou," the king muttered with a low and teasing voice. Heat rose to the black haired's cheeks. "B-but my lord, thou are bathing."
"JaeJoong," the king cooed and JaeJoong had no other option but to comply to his king's wishes. Bashful he shuffled around the red folding-screen with his eyes lowered. A chuckle vibrated through the king's private bathing chamber. "Look at me, my love," the king muttered, JaeJoong shyly lifting his gaze. Brown pools were staring tenderly at him, the king extracting his hand for JaeJoong to take it.
"I wish to bath with thou, my dearest JaeJoong," he announced, breathing a soft kiss onto JaeJoong's hand.
"... my Lord," JaeJoong mumbled, cheeks coloured a deep crimson. The king smiled lovingly at the black haired, gently removing the belt of JaeJoong's kimono. The fabric fell open slightly, revealing soft skin. "YunHo," he breathed, heart racing.
"Join me, love," YunHo breathed with a tender smile.

From behind the red folding-screen were shadows visible, a fabric sliding to the ground before someone joined the king in his bathtub.
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YunJae | PG | fantasy, romance

Autumn was the time they loved, the season they were waiting for all their short life. Many months they had to wait, locking eyes with one another ever since they had been born and blossomed green.
Now that autumn was nearing, one of them had turned yellow; his name being JaeJoong. The one close to him yet so far away on the branch they called home had turned brown, a colour close to chestnut. His name was YunHo.
With their hands they were tightly holding onto their branch, wishing though that sometimes they could hold one another. During autumn, so they have heard, a strong breeze could swipe them easily off their branch. One of those was just fanning through the crown of their home tree, many of their companions already lying on the ground.
"Ah, I can't hold on," JaeJoong screeched, eyes shut tightly when the wind was fanning around his lithe form. His fingers were already shaking and barely able to hold onto his branch.
"I'll catch you," YunHo voiced out, sending JaeJoong an assuring smile. When JaeJoong sneaked a peek at YunHo he lost his footing and was swept towards the ground by a fresh autumn breeze. YunHo let go of their branch and dove down to the leaf he loved.
Before they landed on the ground, YunHo managed to reach the leaf of his life and held him close. They didn't let go of the other's hand even when they long had reached the ground, not even when the winter had decided to bury them with snow.
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YunJae | PG | romance, male pregnancy

Brides on Their Trial by Brothers Grimm

'There was once a young shepherd who wished much to marry, and was acquainted with three sisters who were all equally pretty, so that it was difficult to him to make a choice, and he could not decide to give the preference to any one of them. Then he asked his mother for advice, and she said, "Invite all three, and set some cheese before them, and watch how they eat it."

The youth did so; the first , however, swallowed the cheese with the rind on; the second hastily cut the rind off the cheese, but she cut it so quickly that she left much good cheese with it, and threw that away also; the third peeled the rind off carefully, and cut neither too much nor too little. The shepherd told all this to his mother, who said, "Take the third for thy wife." This he did, and lived contentedly and happily with her.'

"I think she is sleeping now," JaeJoong whispered, lying contentedly on the mattress together with his husband.
"Hm, you sure? I could read another one," YunHo responded with a foolish grin and snuggled his face into JaeJoong's chest with his arm resting around the latter's protruding tummy.
"No need to," JaeJoong mumbled with a smile, putting the book YunHo handed him onto the nightstand. "Let's sleep," he breathed, YunHo stealing a kiss from his lips before he snuggled against his chest once more.
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YunJae | PG | romance, tiny bit of angst

It had been a long time, such a long time; so many minutes, hours and days that he couldn't see him, couldn't hold him or be held by him. For weeks he had to sleep alone, couldn't hold onto those broad shoulders and couldn't hide his face in the loved back.

He was a nervous wreck.

Let's meet. I miss you.

You know where to find me.

This had happened several hours ago. He had to rub his eyes when he first had read the message, and then he had smiled like a fool whilst counting the passing seconds. In the end he was a bit late on time, hoping that he would wait at their secret place.
He was out of breath when he reached their hill, the sun had already set. The last sun beams illuminated the broad shoulders and loved back he had missed so much. Tears gathered in his eyes when he dashed towards the other man, calling out his name over and over, "YunHo, YunHo."
He landed in YunHo's warm chest, the two lovers immerging into a hug that would never end.
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YunJae | PG | romance

High in the canopy stood thousand sparkling stars, all their eyes set onto earth sleeping at night. A layer of snow was covering the city of Seoul, sparkling magnificentally under the moonlight.
The night was quiet, a layer of secretness covering two paths of lonely footsteps turning one in front of a small forest. Combined they vanished behind the trees that separated two parcels of two families being enemies over generations.
But hidden in the secretness of the night, on a snowy field the only sons of each family have found love in one another. The only witnesses of the love and kisses they shared, were the stars shining above their heads.
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YunJae | PG | romance

He loved chocolate. He just loved everything about it and he loved it in every possible way.
As liquid; hot and cold. As bar and pieces, creamy like Nutella and, of course, in the appearance of a cake. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate. With nuts, caramel, milk or just the plain one. He just loved chocolate.

Yes, Kim JaeJoong had a sweet tooth and was totally addicted to everything made out of this small plant called cacao bean.

The only thing he loved more than chocolate was Jung YunHo, his boyfriend. He was sweet and kind and loving and caring and sexy - just plain prefect. But the part he loved the most about him were his eyes because they had the colour of cacao.

Yes, YunHo's eyes were the kind of chocolate JaeJoong used to claim as his favourite.
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Chibi!YunJae | G | general

It was the eve of the 23rd of December, the Christmas holidays just one day away. The house of the Jung family was decorated lovingly and a big Christmas tree graced the living room. Mrs. Jung was busy with packing the presents for her sons whilst her husband had gone out to pick up his Father Christmas costume.
The youngest, being four years old, sat pouting in front of his parents' bedroom after his mother had ushered him out. He was waiting for his older brother to come back from the toilet.
He ran up to the eight-year-old once he came out, tugging on his arm when he looked at him with puppy eyes, "Hyung, mommy is mean."
"Why that, JaeJoong-ie?" the eight-year-old asked, padding together with his brother towards their bedroom. It was already sleeping time for them.
"Mommy didn't want to read fairy tale," JaeJoong pouted, lowering his saddened face. He held the book with fairy tales of Brothers' Grimm in his arm, pressing it against his little chest.
"Mommy's busy with helping Santa Claus," the older boy responded, JaeJoong lifting his head with shining eyes.
"Santy is coming?" he asked, very much excited.
"Yes, tomorrow. But you have to be a good boy or Santa won't give you presents," JaeJoong's brother voiced out, the four-year-old pouting. He stayed silent until the older boy had closed their bedroom door behind them and padded towards his bed across from JaeJoong's. JaeJoong followed him still on his heels.
"Yunnie-hyung?" JaeJoong mumbled softly, his brother YunHo humming, "Hm?"
"Am I a good boy?" the four-year-old asked with puppy eyes. YunHo smiled genuinely at his brother and patted the mop of JaeJoong's black hair.
"Of course you are," he said. He patted with his hand onto his mattress and with a wide smile JaeJoong jumped onto his bed. "I'll read you a fairy tale. Which one do you want to hear?" YunHo asked and cuddled himself next to his brother under the blanket.
"Star Talers," JaeJoong replied with sparkling eyes and cuddled himself closer to YunHo when he started to read his chosen fairy tale.


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