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Okay, so I thought about making PDF files for those who are interested mainly of my finished chaptered stories and stand alones, if wanted. You can always go through the masterlist here and check for the fics of your choice. If possible, please only request for a total of two fics at once (aside from those that already exist) because I might take a little bit more time for overworking the fics and adding a little extra something. You may request again when you recieved your PDFs. ^____^

I will send the PDF files via email, so please comment with your preferred email address and what story you want as a PDF. I will try to work on them as fast as I can and send them out. Also, finished PDFs will be listed here. Comments for that purpose are screened. =)

In process:

→ New school, new rules
→ Like the ocean

Missing the extra:

→ Love by train




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You've reached haru_ran's fanfiction corner ♥

In here you'll find all my transferred works from LJ. :D

NC-17 rated entries are for adults only; exceptions given for three days when the smut belongs into a PG-13 rated chaptered story.

This being said, I hope you enjoy your stay. ♥




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