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Title: Deep in the Cave of a Toothless Wolf
Beta: sidmaron
Plot: hana_cho
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong
Universe: Alternative
Genre: Drama
Length: 01/...
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, cross-dressing, bits of fluff
Author's Note: Not based on any historical facts, it is purely fictional. Also, this was written for the jaeho_xchange 2014.

Summary: Facing a new mission, General Jung YunHo found himself closer to his target than he imagined.

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Taken from still_doll_15 ♥

Welcome to my Californian home )

Officially finished.
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Shared by ikemennosekimen and I feel totally like doing this. My focus will lie this time not on YunJae, but characters from animes & mangas. I just feel like trying something totally new. ^///////^

Day 1: Write a scene in four sentences in which two characters bond over something that would seem trivial to a passerby. → [The novel]
Day 2: Write seven sentences from the perspective of a passerby witnessing Day One's scene. → [Witnessing something bloom]
Day 3: Write a character's reaction to someone's love confession in one sentence. → [Confessing]
Day 4: Write two characters' second kiss in two sentences. → [Just a subtle touch]
Day 5: Write ten lines of dialogue between two characters who had drunken sex last night and are not talking about it. Ever. → [Hangover]
Day 6: Write a breakup scene in three sentences without giving the reason for it or using dialogue. → [Broken]
Day 7: Write a scene in six sentences in which a character is searching for someone in the last moments of the end of the world. → [Loss]
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As you probably have noticed, there's an Advent Calendar Challenge going on at jaeho_detox and I'll use this post to collect all the prompts and my written stories to them in here. :)♥

Dont forget to take me when you go ♬ )
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Just an overview post for ohjaeho's Prompt Challenge back in 2011.

Prompt 01 - Wedding Bells
Wedding bells
au | yunjae | romance | pg | 300 words
Summary: A beautiful melody that chimes through the air.

Prompt 02 - "Some things dont last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there"
band!verse | yunjae | romance | pg-13 | 448 words
Summary Some things just linger deep in your soul.

Prompt 03 - どれほどの速さで生きれば、君にまた会えるのか。- At what speed must I live .... to be able to see you again?
Without you
{character death}
au | yunjae | tragedy | pg-13 | 370 words
Summary: When you wish goodbye was not forever.
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A series of little drabbles and ficlets about different TVXQ/JYJ pairings and several appearances of the Hannibal Lecter Franchise in celebrating the Christmas Holidays and New Year. Have a merry time, everyone! :D

[20] [04] [13] [25] [10]
[01] [19] [30] [08] [23]
[29] [03] [15] [21]
[17] [31] [12] [27] [18]
[07] [24] [09] [16]
[14] [05] [28] [02]
[06] [22] [11] [26]
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Title: Your Eyes on Me
Beta: chocolick
Pairing: Hannibal/Will
Universe: Alternative – High School
Genre: General
Length: One Shot (maybe something more)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Written on chocolick's prompt based on the picture used as a banner (I admit though that I am not aware of the real source for what I apologise). Also I used a random high school from Baltimore County and placed it in the city of Baltimore. I hope you do not mind, but it fitted there the most for the purpose of this fiction. 8'D

your eyes on me

Summary: As if being the new kid in school wasn't enough, Will felt creeped out by his senior whose eyes seemed to follow him wherever he went.

[Your Eyes on Me]
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Title: I love my mother's husband
Beta: harangkaori & chocolick
Pairing: YunJae, YunHo x OC
Universe: Alternative
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 03/...
Rating: PG-13 to R (maybe)
Warning: angst, fluff
Disclaimer: This fanfic is for entertainment purpose only. Names of several characters have been burrowed and they belong solely to themselves. Only the ideas contained in this story belong to me. Great thanks to harangkaori for the summary ♥

A/N: Came into my mind whilst reading texts about incest for one of my assignments.

Summary: The love I should have gotten.

[01] [02] [03]

[04] (coming soon)
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Title: Savage Garden Song Fic Series
Beta: motubunu7
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong, ChangMin/YooChun, YunHo/OC
Universe: switching between au and band!verse
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 01/??
Rating: PG
Warning: angst
Disclaimer: The people have solely been burrowed for the entertainment of writing. Plots are based on the songs.

Summary: A series of one shots based on Savage Garden songs. Pieces that belong together will be marked as such.

[I don't know you anymore] [This side of me] [Two beds and a coffee machine]

* also posted on aff *
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Title: The truth behind the deceit
Author: actually Oscar Wilde, but adapted by haru_ran
Beta: gildeddiscourse
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong, ChangMin/ChangShik
Universe: Book - The Importance of Being Earnest
Genre: Humour, Romance
Length: 3/3
Rating: PG
Warning: crack, fluff
Disclaimer: The characters have solely been burrowed and placed into the work of Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest. The original work has been adapted to the characters and the act-like writing to a full text version. I own absolutely nothing herein.

A/N: You may find the original here as this is merely an adaption. I wish I could ask Sir Wilde for permission to alternate his work, but sadly I do not own a time machine. Just imagine what I could learn from him if I did, sobs.

Summary: “A gross deception has been practised on both of us.”

[Act 01] [Act 02] [Act 03]


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