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Name:Chrissie's Fanfiction Corner
Website:THE almighty perv, JaeChris~ ♥
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Guilty Pleasure
about me:
29 year old YunJae fangirl from Germany. Loves to use English more than her mother tongue. Has music pumping through her veins. Lazy. Procrastinating.

TVXQ/東方神起/JYJ ♥ Nell ♥ Hannibal ♥ Criminal Minds

Caramel addict ♥ YunJae biased ♥ Hannigram shipper ♥ Fannibal ♥ JongWan lover ♥ MinSoo adorer ♥ Han Geng devotee ♥ music addict ♥ eyes & ass fetish ♥ yaoi obsessed ♥ Oscar Wilde admirer

Main fandom is DBSK. OTP is YunJae
OTP for Hannibal is Hannigram

I have other fandoms but not written much for them. I just spazz over them or experiment around. ^___^

YunJae stories found at room_3305, other pairings and projects here. Possible original stories and animanga ones posted over at pataworld.

Please do not steal my work in any way or redistribute it without my permission. Thanks a lot in advance. ♥

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Profile: yunho
Icons 1, 4 ,5 & 6 as follows: forgot, anjichan, othercest&sesshy18
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