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[1s] Wedding Dress

Title: Wedding Dress
Plot: LeeBbeunee33 @ twitter
Beta: chocolick
Pairing: YunJae
Universe: DBSK
Genre: Comedy
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13
Warning: bits of angst, crack, cross-dressing, fluff
Disclaimer: Based on this photoshopped picture JaeJoong posted on his IG and deleted afterwards of him in a wedding dress and a conversation about it with LeeBbeunee33.

A/N: I used Tohoshinki's Wedding Dress because it was very fitting. Translation of the used lines will be at the end.

Summary: When something small turns into something serious once HeeChul has a finger in the pie. Or the entire hand.

“I was not on any drugs,” )
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Writing Status

* newer works also found at my ao3 account and aff account *

Future stories

* Broken fragments
* Cactus dreams
* The guy next-door
* The mysterious Kim Haneul
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[1s] サダメの薄幸な恋人 - The star-crossed lovers of Sadame, part 1

Title: サダメの薄幸な恋人 - The star-crossed lovers of Sadame
Beta: ligerliger
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong
Universe Alternative
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Length: One Shot, devided into 4 parts
Rating: NC-17 to be sure
Warning: angst, fluff, male pregnancy, sexual content
Author's Note: Sadame originally means 'fate' and has been taken from my favourite song out of the anime series X/1999. Also I thank the mods for being so patient with me and apologize for taking so long ;;

Summary: They were not meant to love one another, but the bond fate had bestowed upon them was stronger than any rule and punishment.

for the others it was known as Sadame )
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[collab] Deep in the Cave of a Toothless Wolf - 01

Title: Deep in the Cave of a Toothless Wolf
Beta: sidmaron
Plot: hana_cho
Pairing: YunHo/JaeJoong
Universe: Alternative
Genre: Drama
Length: 01/...
Rating: PG-13
Warning: angst, cross-dressing, bits of fluff
Author's Note: Not based on any historical facts, it is purely fictional. I hope as well, that it is somewhere close to what you imagined, hana_cho. This will also be the introducing chapter to something longer and gives an outlook of the story.

Summary: Facing a new mission, General Jung YunHo found himself closer to his target than he imagined.

“Gentlemen, I believe this will be the hardest case we ever had to deal with.” )
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[animanga] [ficlet] Abashed awareness

Title: Abashed awareness
Pairing: Jinnai/Reiichirou
Genre: Romance
Length: 773 words
Rating: PG-13
Warning: fluff
Disclaimer: Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru and its characters solely belong to Takanaga Hinako. I only used them for the purpose of this fiction.

A/N: Not beta-read so I apologize for any mistakes.

Summary: Wherein Jinnai wonders if Reiichirou is truly aware of them being a couple.

Today was again one of those days where he wondered if Reiichirou was even aware of them being a couple. )
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[meme] Day 7 - Seishirou/Subaru

Day 7: Write a scene in six sentences in which a character is searching for someone in the last moments of the end of the world.

Seishirou ♥ Subaru

Sad, but beautiful )
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[meme] Day 6 - Nowaki/Hiroki

Day 6: Write a breakup scene in three sentences without giving the reason for it or using dialogue.

Nowaki ♥ Hiroki || Junjou Egoist


A raindrop pearled from a window, followed by more and more. Inside were tears shed from a brown haired male, his partner turning his back on him. Their shared memories had come to an end.

A/N: I ripped them apart. OMG. T_T
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[meme] Day 5 - Ueno/Aki

Day 5: Write ten lines of dialogue between two characters who had drunken sex last night and are not talking about it. Ever.

Ueno ♥ Aki || Sensitive Pornograph (anime), Trophies belong in the bedroom (chapter of the manga)

Tanomi wo irete ♥ )
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[meme] Day 4 - Seishirou/Subaru

Day 4: Write two characters' second kiss in two sentences.

Seishirou ♥ Subaru || X/1999

Just a subtle touch

A breeze is fanning through their hair, black strands dancing with it. Both their eyes are closed, Subaru's cheeks reddened when Seishirou's lips touch his.

A/N: *sobs* There is this perfect scene for a kiss and yet they didn't kiss in the anime. TT^TT I know Seishirou dies and this is even sadder than them not kissing once. )x
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[meme] Day 3 - Masamune/Ritsu

Day 3: Write a character's reaction to someone's love confession in one sentence.

Masamune ♥ Ritsu || Sekaiichi Hatsukoi


“I love you .... senpai.”

You are dumbstruck for a moment, lips curling into a small smile and heart racing whilst he is stumbling over his own tongue in embarrassment.
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[meme] Day 2 - Mikoto/Megumi

Day 2: Write seven sentences from the perspective of a passerby witnessing Day One's scene.

Mikoto ♥ Megumi

Totally need more of them ♥ )
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[meme] Day 1 - Mikoto/Megumi

Day 1: Write a scene in four sentences in which two characters bond over something that would seem trivial to a passerby.

Mikoto ♥ Megumi || The Day of Revolution, also in Princess Princess

Just lovely ♥ )
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[challenge] Day 30 - Manuel/JinSang

Day 30 - Write a short entry that ends with the line, “The silver dust of moonlight settled coldly on the night.”

Your love is all I need. )
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[challenge] Day 29 - Seishirou/Subaru

Day 29 - You are at a cemetery reading gravestones. Write about one of the people you find.

Maybe this could be my haven. )
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[challenge] Day 28 - Arikawa/Misaki

Day 28 - You read about yourself in your brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend’s diary. What did you read?

You came along like a snowflake and brightened up my day. )
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[challenge] Day 27 - Manuel/JinSang

Day 27 - Make up a near-death experience (unless you have a real one).

Manuel/JinSang (OC) → drabble || drama, pg

Terrified. That was the best description of how JinSang felt ever since he had received that call from Saskia informing him of a car accident Manuel had. Upon his arrival at the hospital he had been drenched in tears and more than just hysterical. Saskia had tried her best to keep her Korean friend calm, but how could that even be possible when the one he loved was at the verge of dying? It pained her to witness the vulnerable state JinSang was in and even more that she survived the horrible accident with just a few scratches whilst her best friend suffered from a life-threatening blow to his head.
Hours passed with them crying and waiting for news of the OR. And prayers that the news would be good ones. And they were relieved when the doctor informed them of Manuel being stable albeit very weak. But he was alive and JinSang and Saskia thanked the heavens for sparing Manuel's life.

A/N: What on earth did I write, ugh ;;;;;;