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Day 7: Write a scene in six sentences in which a character is searching for someone in the last moments of the end of the world.

Seishirou ♥ Subaru


The last battle between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, the day Subaru had always been waiting for. Meeting and fighting him was his wish, something he swore himself when his sister was murdered by their friend.
His right eye was hidden behind a bandage, eyesight lost. Exactly like his eye.

When they meet it happens in a matter of seconds, a battle of life and death. It is Seishirou's death, the protection of Subaru's sister inflicting the death-bringing blow.

Subaru wishes it was him instead, lying lifelessly in Seishirou's arms.

A/N: And again one sentence too much. One of my fav scenes in the anime. Sad, but so beautiful. ;w; ♥


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